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(Our Brand New Facility in Edwardsville, KS on K-32)

Please let me take a moment of your time to introduce our company to you,
Elite Sweeping Company.

We Have over 40 years of combined experience in the sweeping industry with service being our main concern. We are a detail oriented company that takes pride in the services we provide. Elite will make sure that all of you’re parking areas are maintained with the high standards you deserve.

Elite Sweeping uses only state of the art Tymco air sweepers with a patented centrifugal dust separator which keeps the fine debris and dust inside the hopper, not in your lot.

We Monitor all of our sweepers live via Global Positioning Systems, or better known as GPS. We can also pin-point the location of our sweepers and dispatch them to your location at any time to meet your needs.

We are available when you need us. Rarely will you hear an answering machine when you call Elite. It is our duty to be there when you need something, and we do our best to make sure we are always here for you.

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